Valley of Benasque

A couple of weeks ago I was in the Valley of Benasque (Huesca, Spain), for some trekking, and just had some time to upload the photos, so here they are for your pleasure, since it is a very nice place. It was the first time I was there not in winter, so had the chance to visit some places that, in winter, are almost impossible to visit (unless you want to take the risk of an avalanche).

Specially nice was the Glacier of the Aneto peak, the highest peak in the Pyrenees (from the distance, we didn’t have time to get to the top, since it takes many, many hours):

Also nice to see was the water from the Glacier disappearing into the rocks (and appearing again, by magic, in the Valley of Arán, on the other side of the mountains):

I took more photos, so go here to see the rest.

2 thoughts on “Valley of Benasque”

  1. I loved this area, i was trekking to Coll de Toro were i could see the Val de Arán, the plain of Aiguallut afther the Forao was really nice.

  2. Yes, the Forao d’Aigualluts is great indeed. If you ever go again there, let me know, it’s not far from where I live, and I usually go there many times a year (in winter mainly). Maybe we should do there (in Cerler) the GNOME Hispano skiing meeting 🙂

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