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Last night, I was writing a message to a friend’s wall on Facebook, about telescopes, and when submitting the message, I got a message saying that the content of my message had been reported to be abusive by some Facebook users ?? After that, I couldn’t log in back again, it just said my account was disabled.

So, if you rely on Facebook for contacting me, please don’t, send me mail, which is still enabled, and even allows all sorts of abusive content (you can write me about telescopes if you want, no ultra-paranoid filters there 😀 ).

I already wrote to the Facebook staff about the issue, but I’m not sure what they will decide.

14 thoughts on “Facebook account disabled”

  1. How facebook managed to do that is quite an achievement. A congratulations is certainly deserved. Good luck getting your account back 🙂

  2. Perhaps it was due to talking about long and hard things? :P, clearly FB is nuts…

  3. Yeap, my blog was also reported to be abusive, I expect something like what happened to you in a present future.

    I take it you don’t really mind about your FB account, but stupid-censorship acts like this.

  4. Nothing like that happened to me but in general I don’t find Facebook to be reliable and professional for the number of people who are on it. I find it absolutely disturbing that FB would disable an account just like that with no investigation whatsoever. Who is running show anyway there? Doesn’t matter anyway…By the way I had an account disabled because of insults through a private message. Just make up another email address and create a new account if you are still interested in being part of the Fb family.

  5. facebook disabled account for supporting arizona bill

    Facebook deleted my account because I was supporting a bill in arizona that cracks down on Illegal aliens. no warning no email they deleted my account . I posted on the gov. of arizonas page please sign the bill next thing Im deleted.

  6. This guy got kicked off and is taking the blog route. Check this out, maybe you can do the same, add yourself to his blog in the comments and spread th word… you can defeat this! Digg It that way everyone can see it!

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  8. “Rodney Dawes says:
    March 26, 2010 at 4:25 pm
    All software has bugs.”

    Yeah this is right : All software has bugs if it small or big. Good luck getting your account back .

  9. can facebook help me to get my account back and my post and all of my friends i never got any information or any type of warning all of the suddent i lost my FB this was my 1st time it as happen hope Facebook understand this and can Enable my account back with all my pics and post and comments and friends. Regards.

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