Unofficial GNOME3 on Ubuntu PPA

A friend of mine was having problems with the GNOME3 packages in Ubuntu, and after some questioning, he told me he was using a PPA from this Launchpad team:

The GNOME3 PPA for that team seems to be just a copy of the official GNOME3 PPA, but just in case, this is a public announcement to let people know that they shouldn’t use that PPA (unless they really want to, of course), but use the official one instead, which is at:

That is, the official team is the gnome3-team, so please make sure to check your sources.list if you really want to use the official one.

9 thoughts on “Unofficial GNOME3 on Ubuntu PPA”

  1. Yeah, don’t use that PPA, use the gnome3-team one. I have been using the official gnome3-team PPA for more than a week without any problems. Its working really well, everything from the boot to the shutdown is now a flawless GNOME3 experience. No need to move to Fedora just because of GNOME3…

  2. The gnome3-team ppa hosed my install completely last week. No users show up when GDM starts. Maybe I will try again…

  3. @BJ Mccormick is right. This gnome3-team PPA is not working at the moment. On clean 11.04 Natty beta instalation adding this PPA will kill your system.

    After installing GNOME-shell from this “official” ppa it is not possible to a) login without many errors b) change your theme which suddenly is broken c) access many options in systems settings which were previously available before instalation… and so on.

    At the moment DO NOT INSTALL IT. I will wait one month after Ubuntu 11.04 stable is released and then i will try again.

  4. I’m having heaps of login problems and stuff.

    Switch your session to the Ubuntu Gnome Custom Session and you can login, but its missing GTK theming by default & can’t change the decorator.

  5. For people having problems with gdm, try install the package “gnome-themes-standard”.

    It worked for me.

  6. Ni! Just completed installation and everything went smoothly except for the themes, which I fixed by following Thiago’s suggestion in the comment above

    : )

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