27 Sep 2005

New cool stuff, the Ubuntu desktop team has been announced, thanks to Daniel for pushing on that and writting the announcement.

As described by the mail, some of the goals of the team:

* we will triage and fix bugs on both http://bugzilla.ubuntu.com and http://launchpad.net/malone/

* we will list new shiny desktop stuff we should have (no promise we’ll get any of them in for Breezy)

* stress-test our favourite desktop environment

* discuss and fix issues and bring some good hackers in, knowing how different parts of the desktop work and able to reply to some specific questions

* create a technical place/list with people having good knowledge about specific desktop parts

Feel free to join #ubuntu-desktop (freenode) if you have any question, are interested to do some work, want to chat about the cool stuff coming, …