As I mentioned, there’s a lot of stuff we’re still working on wrt to

  • One obvious issue is that individual entries, when linked to, don’t show up with the general theme. Also, the blog links to itself in non-“portal” mode by default so it looks like this rather than this.
  • There’s no preview button on the “post to blog” page.
  • The themes aren’t quite as nice as we’d like them to be and have some annoying bugs (like, try hovering over a link that’s already been clicked on, and it goes bold reflowing the text).
  • Image posting from gnome blog. This would be cool.

jrb added blogs.g.o support to gnome blog so I’ll be doing a release of that pretty soon.

5 Responses to “Things we’re working on…”

  1. test Says:


    dont want email address published, and your form doesn’t say if it will be

  2. Martin Kretzschmar Says:

    It would be nice if the permalinks for individual entries would not only hide the .cgi and ? cruft, but also use the title and not a small number for the last part of the uri (i.e. this entry would become )

    (Obligatory links: and

  3. sean Says:

    What is it that NewsBruiser provides that Blosxom and PyBlosxom don’t? What other blog tools did you consider and why didn’t they make the mark? I’d like to know.

  4. sean Says:

    Oops, I commented on the wrong post.

  5. Morten Welinder Says:

    preview == save as draft. Works fine.

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