6 Responses to “The Many and Terrible Phases of The Seth”

  1. concerned Says:

    who are you anyway? some dude who hasn’t posted for years and now he’s blog-spamming the world with this shite.

  2. Luis Says:

    concerned: If you can’t be bothered to figure that out yourself, go read something else. Google is your friend.

    seth: that is some seriously hipster shit. Holy hell. And are we to believe your sidekick infatuation is over? Truly an era has passed.

  3. Dennis Says:

    Concerned: Seth has been and still is a major influence on how Gnome it’s user interface is today, among many other things.

  4. ryan Says:


    didnt anyone teach you that if you dont have something constructive to say, dont say anything at all?

  5. You’ll want to get rid of the beard if you’re doing international travel. All airport security workers know that people with beards are more likely to be terrorists or drug smugglers.

  6. Garrett Says:

    James is right. Going beardless is better for international travel. I bring razors along with me just for that purpose.

    Last time I was coming back in to the US (from Canada), I got the 20 questions game from a border crossing guard. He thought I was suspicious or something. I only had a few days of face scruff too (well, roughly almost a week).

    Of course, it doesn’t help that my passport has me pictured with a beard…

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