You got me. :-)

October 26, 2008

Rodney’s taken me to task for my silly rhetoric… score! yes content still takes bits on a disk, it exists, I just don’t consider it a very useful category for thinking about what to make. I’m not talking about fanciful abstract users…. *I* never think of my own stuff as content, and I doubt many of you do either….perhaps occasionally in a more sysadmin-y context I do (upgrades, backups, etc).

Abstractions can be valid, but still not illuminating.

But in any case, I substantially agree with Rodney, esp┬áthat the set of total document types can’t be sensibly enumerated beforehand (because people ARE quite different from eachother, with the caveat that I believe there are activities/behaviors that large classes of people share, and those can be designed around). It seems pretty limited to only worry about the “desktop”, and I share the hope that Open Source continues to move into other types of computers (go android). Peace bro.

3 Responses to “You got me. :-)”

  1. iain Says:

    I don’t really think you can say he took you to task fairly. Your rhetoric was clear to anyone with a modicum of comprehension skills and who read past the third word of the paragraph.

    But hey, he can quote Nietzsche at you, how could he possibly be wrong?

  2. luis Says:

    seth lives!

  3. DV Says:

    Seth ! Seth ! Where have you been ?


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