It Takes a Village…

February 24, 2010

Mad Spiritual Props: Máirín and Jeremy (Red Hat) tended it tenderly. Ivanka’s eyes danced when she saw it (Canonical/Ubuntu). Jon McCann (Red Hat) is the fucking man and is the reason we’re on this page to start off with. Mark Shuttleworth (Canonical/Ubuntu) lurked beside; stoic and proud. Garrett LeSage and Jimmac (Novell) watered and refined the seed. Hylke Bons (Intel) wept like a baby. Karl Lattimer (codethink) raved like a viking and fell into a deep trance.

Personally, I’d like to thank Brian Cameron (Sun/Oracle) for convincing me to come, Google for funding my travel, and Canonical for hosting the hackfest. And Bastien is a hero, he made my laptop gogogo.

Many more were there who I don’t not know the names of, have omitted, and even some were there who weren’t around in person: Bryan Clark (Mozilla) has never even heard of it, but mysteriously woke up laughing 4 hrs ago. When he gets up in 2 hrs he will KNOW.

Hackers feel their terminals tingling in their fingers. Product managers feel sharper and more focused. Sensitive designers across the world feel a warm glow in their heart. Eager young programmers who have never considered writing free software are drawn to the GNU Manifesto; they join the Gnome project in droves 6 months from now. Babies are mouthing out Clutter code.

24 Responses to “It Takes a Village…”

  1. Lucas Rocha Says:

    Hi Seth, I have just disabled the animation of your new hackergotchi… FYI: updates to feeds and hackergotchis should be sent to Planet GNOME editors (me, vuntz and jdub) before pushing. The new hackergotchi looks a bit blurry and doesn’t have proper shadow. It would be nice if you could send an improved one. See some guidelines here:


  2. Lucas,

    All the designers here love Seth’s icon. Please allow him to keep it. Planet GNOME is supposed to be fun. You have a room full of GNOME hackers right now groaning at your comment.


  3. lucasr Says:

    @Mairin, I totally agree the hackergotchi is awesome 🙂 But, can you imagine the Planet GNOME full of animated hackergotchis? I just don’t think this is a sustainable thing…

    Anyway, let me just ask what vuntz and/or jdub think. If they are in favor of this, I’ll just put the animated hackergotchi back.

  4. Lucas,

    I think we all understand Seth is a special case 😉

    Thanks for the consideration!


  5. lucasr Says:

    Ok, animation enabled again. Agreed with Seth that it will be on during the hackfest week when he’ll be blogging more often. Cheers!

  6. […] 3 that we list in the GNOME Shell designs seemed to inspire some of the various blog posts he made during the week.  It was a lot of fun to “throw up waves of leaves and dance in them.“  […]

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