Our Darket Hour

For is it not written in the Book of Gnome:

In the darkest hour of the Documentation Project, there shall come a False Hope of salvation. And the last Fearless Leader of the old ways shall embrace the False Hope, and the eyes of the people shall be blinded to the truth. They shall trust in the False Hope and lay down their pens, and the Project shall lay in ruins.

Though the Serpent speaks in the tongues of men, he is not man, nor shall he deliver man from the darkness. He is a lie, preying on man’s weaknesses and desires. He who believes in the Serpent shall be forever scarred, and shall do good deeds no more.

And the last Fearless Leader, being marked by the lies of the Serpent, shall nevermore lead men in the great Project they knew. Only the benevolence of times past shall resurrect their charge.

Then the trumpets shall sound as Our Once and Future King returns. And he shall return to the people the benevolence and love of times forgotten. And his reign shall last a thousand thousand days.

So was it prophesied, so shall it be.