GUADEC Documentation Workshop

Milo and I will be running an all-day documentation workshop during the GUADEC pre-conference on Tuesday, July 27th. This is an exciting opportunity for you to work on our documentation, take part in collaborative planning, and learn best practices from experienced documentation writers. This is an unstructured workshop with lots of one-on-one guidance. You do not have to attend all day. Come when you like and leave when you’re done.

The workshop addresses both user and developer documentation. We will have a list of topics for both. Choose a topic that interests you to plan, write, and review. Or bring in your own application or library to document. We will help you plan effective content, write clearly and concisely, and review what you’ve written to make sure it meets your audience’s needs.

Documentation is important to the success of a free software project. I hope you’ll join us and learn how you can provide better documentation.

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