Passive Voice Day

It has been decided that tomorrow, April 27, is Passive Voice Day. (It might be asked, “It has been decided by whom?” Exactly.) Passive voice should be written and spoken in by everybody. For one day only, active voice will be frowned upon. It might be considered silly by you, but it will be found to be fun by many.

The #passivevoiceday hashtag should not be forgotten when tweets are written, although it is doubted that passive voice sentences will be able to be fit into 140 characters.

6 thoughts on “Passive Voice Day”

  1. It is thought that this will be fun. You are encouraged to think of neat ways to write passive-voiced sentences.

    Luck is wished to you.

  2. English is already dominated by the passive voiced statements. Even my mother tongue where passive has been historically very rarely used, has been influenced by it in recent years (mostly with bad translations where passive has been kept).

  3. When thoughts of the sentence constructed by a passive voice is considered, much humour will be enjoyed. Memories of an undergraduate essay will be cherished.

  4. But Passive-Aggressive Voice is so much more fun. Keeps people on their toes.

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