Passive Voice Day 2013

It has been decided that the third annual Passive Voice Day will be observed on April 26, 2013. Though previous years were observed April 27, it is thought that more participants can be found if Passive Voice Day is observed on a week day.

Passive Voice Day is observed by people around the world. The absurdity of the English language being tortured is enjoyed by these people. For one day, the passive voice is used exclusively in tweets, blogs, and casual conversation.

The hashtag #passivevoiceday should be used on Twitter and other social media, so that your passive voice sentences can be enjoyed by others.

Is it not known how the passive voice is used? Is a refresher needed? The information provided by Grammar Girl should be read.

5 thoughts on “Passive Voice Day 2013”

  1. Hi Shaun!

    very interesting post!

    So, are you keen of passive or active voice?



    1. My recommendation is to prefer the active voice, but I recognize the usefulness of passive voice in some cases. Passive Voice Day isn’t about pushing one style or another. I just think it’s just really funny when people force everything into passive voice.

      1. It is regrettable that nether post was written in the passive voice. The utilization of the passive voice must be made pervasive so that the enlightement of clear thought may be bestowed upon mankind.

  2. I have two days to find that voice I have not had in 60 plus years.

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