Come to Open Help. Have a Doc Sprint.

The Open Help Conference & Sprints is happening again this year. Open Help is the only event focused on open source documentation and support. It features a two-day conference with a mix of presentations, demos, and open discussions. This format has proven very popular, and really helps people find real solutions to improve their documentation. The conference this year is September 26-27. (But don’t miss the amazing reception September 25!)

After the conference, Open Help hosts three days of multiple-team sprints. The sprints are September 28-30 this year. Open Help has hosted doc sprints for teams like GNOME, Mozilla, FreeBSD, Wikipedia, WordPress, OpenMRS, and In many cases, Open Help was a team’s first exposure to having a sprint.

I wrote an article on about the Open Help doc sprints, along with five tips on holding a successful sprint.

Documentation is important. This is the fifth year that Open Help will be helping open source teams create better documentation. But we need your help. Please spread the word about Open Help to any communities you’re involved with. Send mail to mailing lists. Tweet. Tell your friends. Get the word out however you can.

Open Help is only great because of the people who come.

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