The Big Game

Games this exciting should be televised. Imagine the excitement of watching
me take on an opponent as formidable as entropy. Of course, I have to lose.
It’s just a matter of how awesome of a score I can get first. And now that
Callum has provided a
color-blind-friendly theme for glines, I’ve gotten back into the swing of
things and racked up an awesome
I’m so proud.

OK, I’ll go fix Yelp bugs now.

I, Apparently, Rock

So I woke up this morning (it was morning, really) and fired up
Planet Gnome. At the top was
this post
from John Fleck. Really, that’s the sort of thing you’ve just got to love
to wake up to.

On a related note, I’m in feature-cram mode here, trying to prove to the
world just how much I do, in fact, rock. My new manpage converter should
make it into CVS tonight, just in time for the freeze.

The Day of Bugs

…on which I give Yelp’s bug list a much-needed spanking. I nuked 10
or so bugs, but I’ve still got 64 hanging around. ~sigh~ At least I’m
not hacking Nautilus.

Parsing Fun

So I’ve spent the last few hours hacking together a parser for man pages
so I don’t have to maintain
this mess.
Actually, the parser is remarkably simple. I’m parsing into a straight-forward
XML representation using libxml2, and then the HTML conversion will be all XSLT.
This is turning out nicely. Let’s hope I can get it ready by feature freeze.


So all the cool kids have blogs these days. Just like in high school,
I have to prove my coolness, so I have a blog too. And just like in
high school, I’ve just copied off of the really popular guy.

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