On Evolution #2

behdad, I guess, dobey’s comments explains the feature. IIRC OpenOffice.org, Firefox too has the same concept like evolution. IMO It may not be fair to compare this with tabs in gedit. I agree with the shortcuts stuff, which should to be addressed in some way. We are working on configurable shortcuts which should help address such issues. It was supposed to be in 2.8, but didnt make it. It should be part of next release, as I have described in the FUTURE section in my earlier blog

On Behdad’s observation #1

HIG states, dont change the tool button labels. That is one reason, why “Delete” / “Undelete” and “Junk” / “Not Junk” cant be merged.
There was some proposal to make spam assasin learn as ham (Not a spam). Both Junk and Not_Junk button has to be present for that. Atleast It was merged in early 2.14 cycle and reverted for above reasons.

– “Delete” option in context menu for a deleted message was a due to bug 254770 You can reopen and put down your views there

– I strongly agree to the jumping message selection in threaded view. Please file a bug, and put down your expectation, we would be happy to fix it.

Threaded Message view

One big reason, I hate to use threading is that my reading is limited to the mails I received TODAY/RECENTLY. If a new message arrives in a old thread, it still lies way below the scrolled window and never comes to my visibility. I really like GMail at this very point and I tried to get something like this into Evolution, to improve threading usage. I got some good results.

If the message is in a collapsed state, the date of the THREAD, I compute to be the date of latest message received in that thread.

which brings the message on to the top to get the attention. If you expand, it appears like this.

If the message is in expanded state during sorting (List generation), then it takes the date of its creation, which puts it back to the original place.

Once in a day, I can use View/Collapse All and see are there any new messages to a old thread.