On Behdad’s observation #1

HIG states, dont change the tool button labels. That is one reason, why “Delete” / “Undelete” and “Junk” / “Not Junk” cant be merged.
There was some proposal to make spam assasin learn as ham (Not a spam). Both Junk and Not_Junk button has to be present for that. Atleast It was merged in early 2.14 cycle and reverted for above reasons.

– “Delete” option in context menu for a deleted message was a due to bug 254770 You can reopen and put down your views there

– I strongly agree to the jumping message selection in threaded view. Please file a bug, and put down your expectation, we would be happy to fix it.

7 thoughts on “On Behdad’s observation #1”

  1. I wonder what the rationale is for this guideline. The world’s most popular music program uses one button that changes to the opposite meaning when clicked. So does every CD player I’ve ever used.

  2. #1 Doesn’t makes any sense, toggled buttons are far more intuitive and yo get a cleaner and simpler toolbar, HIG is only a guideline and in this case, it’s plain wrong…

  3. Toggle buttons cant be used, as they are supposed to mean states where as Delete/undelete are supposed to be a actions.

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