Exchange folder Loading: 480 seconds to microseconds

Wondering what is this all about? Varadhan has posted an excellent blog about his optimization work for the Exchange Connector. Read his post for the complete information.


You don’t see the graph for/with the patch. Yeah it is so difficult to paint microseconds in the graph ;-)

7 thoughts on “Exchange folder Loading: 480 seconds to microseconds”

  1. Amazing work!

    But don’t you mean “milliseconds”? Ie, if all the times are in seconds, then 0.82 is 820 ms (milliseconds).

    Anyway, that’s still incredible. Congrats to Varadhan!

  2. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

    The extreme slowness of evo-exchange has been my number one annoyance in using GNOME for quite some time now.

    Thanks to varadhan and the Evo team for this great stuff!

  3. I’m with John. The main reason I don’t use Evolution is because it’s so damn slow. It’s slow as hell when I’m at home which I can somewhat understand (except that I’m on a 10 Mb/s link and the .edu I work at has a much larger pipe), but when I’m sitting in my office 40 foot from the Exchange server it’s extremely frustrating.

    I can only hope that these patches get incorporated into upstream, and quickly.

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