Morning at GUADEC

It is really nice to be at GUADEC and see the ever busy GNOME hackers

Hackers waiting before Registration

I had my talk first in the morning. Guenther saved me from my Magic Spacebar demo failure. (Caret mode was ON) It went pretty good otherwise. Unfortunately there was no recording as I have heard before.

At my talk

I had a nice chat with the audience after the talk. Nice to see the Evolution hackers from China.

Jeff Cai, Jedy Wang, Me, Varadhan and Parag

3 thoughts on “Morning at GUADEC”

  1. At the GUADEC web page of your talk i can read “Video License: Yes, Attribution-Share Alike” but there is neither a link to a video nor any hint where and when it will be available.

    Where do i have to look to find the videos if they are available?

  2. BeS, I dont think they are recorded and I don’t know where to download/view them from. Sorry. May be Checkout the site. It may have some clues.

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