Novell Hackweek #2

Last two days I have been working on deskice integration with Evolution Calendar and Tasks. It was all that fun at the end of day #1 to know that it is better to have a icecore server deployed locally otherwise I may end up hacking/fixing deployment bugs. I finally deployed one at localhost and using it. Now I have have a basic plugin, that

  • Creates an Calendar and Task accounts per every team the user is part of
  • Creates Calendar and Tasks folder under those accounts, mapping to the calendar/tasks of that team.
  • The calendar and tasks are web-calendar from icecore and the webcal url seems to be persistent and pubic.

With all these, when you login to deskice, your GNOME desktop would have calendar and tasks of your team into Evolution. You clock applet shows your meetings and tasks. It is just that it is all read only now. Yesterday I had a nice chat with Brady, who gave me more insights on this. Now I’m gonna hack at the web service api to give it a write support, so that I can create meetings, tasks in Evolution which would appear against your team/members in T+C icecore.

It is really great working with Michael Meeks, Brady and others. I wish Hackweek is more frequent.

2 thoughts on “Novell Hackweek #2”

  1. Very nice! That way we could have a nice integration with the upcoming Novell T+C releases (on a Linux desktop)

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