Evolution 2.24.4 released

It was Saturday morning 2:00 am when I published the tarball. So what’s special?

This is the first additional release past the regular stable of GNOME 2.24.3. We saw that the 2.24.x series brought regressions due to the disk summary work. With every stable release we made it better and we thought it might be good to continue this and add two more releases on stable branch. These are the dates and 2.24.4 is already out

2.24.4 on Jan 30
2.25.5 on Feb 25

Thx to “ever great” Milan Crha for hacking out sqlite/fsync/ext issue which hurt our performance a lot. He wrote an awesome piece of sqlite vfs similar to FF’s vfs but a lot simpler which improved performance by 75% atleast. And thanks to David Ronis (huey) for some fine bugs which saved 2.24.4 and thx to Srinidhi who gave me the ultimate NEWS generation script which just did everything automatically. It’s a bit buggy but should be better in sometime. I would push Srinidhi to share it somewhere , it would be useful for a lot of people.

5 thoughts on “Evolution 2.24.4 released”

  1. FYI, I was unable to actually build e-d-s from the release tarball, owing to some gtk-doc related problems – the install process refers to $(GTKDOC_REBASE), which is never defined anywhere, causing the install to fail with ‘–relative: command not found’.

    I read somewhere that eog had the same problem, and had to put out a new release for it… I think it was relating to the gtk-doc version on the machine the release was made on.

  2. Glad to hear. About 2 month ago i just switched to gmail webmail, coz its just impossible to use evolution.

    I hope u will hunt down memleaks as well as speed issue. Coz now it leaks a lot. 🙁

  3. Hi,

    What about Windows installer for latest version? I there any plans on regular update Windows installer (in sync with sources release)? That is completely horrible and unacceptable for Windows users to self compile or manually install Evolution from tens of binary packages ( zip files)…


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