Tough day today…

Today is my last working day at Novell.  Its my first company from campus and having spent 8.5 years at Novell, it is sad to part away. The last 6 years  with Nat, Miguel, Michael, JP,  Guy, Aaron, Fejj and many more was the best in my career and they all helped me  a lot while working in Evolution/OOo/GNOME and thanks a lot for them :-).  I’m joining Intel tomorrow to work in the Moblin team and do Anjal/Evolution.  Happy that I would be still working with these people in some ways after moving to my new job.

14 thoughts on “Tough day today…”

  1. Hard to digest that u r leaving Novell. your are my first mentor when i joined novell as intern in evo.

    All the best for you in your new Job.
    whereever you are. you will Rock…

  2. That’s wonderful news! Well, it will be bittersweet for you to be leaving old friends for new friends, but it’s wonderful that you will continue to be involved in the broader GNOME community. 🙂 Congratulations!

  3. Grats on the new job, dude! Glad you’ll still get to work on GNOME 🙂

    Will see you around!

  4. “The last 6 years with Nat, Miguel, Michael, JP, Guy, Aaron, Fejj and many more was the best in my career”

    Ah c’mon, if you’ve only been working for 8 years, and all at the same company, you really don’t have a ‘career’ yet!

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