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Dear foundation members & Planet GNOME readers

The GNOME board of directors meet the advisory board members of GNOME once in every month. They discuss a variety of topics related to GNOME. I had posted a mail on the foundation list about community suggested topics to be included on the agenda for the adboard meetings. When we have such topics, the board invites specific individuals to join the adboard call and let them present/speak about those topics to the board and the advisory board members of GNOME. We have our next advisory board meetings on the tuesday, April 13th 2010. If you have some specific topics that can be included/ you want to present to a wider audience, please reply to the thread or mail me (sragavan at gnome dot org). We are running out of time for the meeting for April, please do suggest us topics, if you have something specific/interesting to speak about.

You can see some previous topics [2] and other topics [1] in the wiki.

[1] –

[2] –

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