GNOME Journal: Weite your articles!

So, GNOME Journal is still looking for articles for their upcoming “pre-GUADEC” issue. This is your chance to talk about interesting bits of desktop technology that you’d like to share with the GNOME community and beyond. Why you would you want to do this?

* Gain the adoration of GNOME fans who want to see cool things
* Looks great on resumes
* Especially when they get translated and republished at other magazines.
* You might even get paid if it rocks!
* Pick up on your writing skills

More importantly, it shows what the Linux desktop and GNOME applications can do today.

If you’re interested in writing, please see:

GNOME Journal Wiki and check out what it takes to be a writer.

Feel free to visit us at: #gnome-journal on IRC as well.

The deadline for rough drafts is May 16th 2005. We plan on releasing the next issue May 23rd, 2005.

So please help us out and write for your favourite desktop.