Feb 1st Article Submission Deadline for GJ

The GNOME Journal team is once again getting prepared to write some articles and we encourage others to write some kick butt articles for GJ.

The deadline for the articles is Feb 1st so if you have an idea to write about please contact us and let us know what you’re doing so that we can put it up in the wiki.

On the personal front, things are going well. I’m going to be doing a project on some xorg hacking. Check out XCB. The initial project is to write a reference window manager. Should be fun as my first class that lets me hack on free software.

There’s been a lot of talk from the mono folks about Banshee. I’ve looked at Banshee and what they have is pretty impressive; a great piece of work. However, don’t count out Rhythmbox! Our CVS committing action has been stupendous with a steady march towards 0.9.3. If you’ve been using the breezy version of Rhythmbox, you’ll see some cool features if you try out HEAD.

I’ve done some work in breaking out rhythmdb out of rhythmbox which was fairly easy to do. The idea is to be able to have a canonical source for a music database. My knowledge in databases is pretty near zilch so it will be a challenge trying to do something with this considering the amount of free time I have.

Saturday, My wife and I going to inner tubing on Mount Hood. That should be a blast. I really wish though I had one of those pocket cameras so I could take a picture on the way down! I’m looking forward to having some fun in the snow.

2 thoughts on “Feb 1st Article Submission Deadline for GJ”

  1. Regarding Rhythmbox, I think it’s a great program and I like the way its interface seems quite suited to managing the media metadata. However, I’m not really able to run Rhythmbox as my system has only 192 MB of RAM, and I often see Rhythmbox 0.9.1 and newer) consume 100 – 200 MB of Vsize after a couple of hours of playing. Do you know if any work is going into reducing memory requirements and/or plugging and memory leaks that might exist?

  2. This seems like a memory leak to me. It might be fixed in HEAD already. If anything I suggest you put in a bug report regarding it.

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