For those of you wondering what happened to like I did.  Apparently, the site has bit the big one according to this post by Eugenia.  This of course leaves a big hole in our community on where to go for new software for GNOME.  I hope we might be able to get a site going quickly in order to replace

This has been a public service announcement.  Since I don’t think Eugenia has publicized this anywhere that I know of.


fixed broken link.

17 thoughts on “ gone..”

  1. That are realy bad news!

    On the other hand, if we close all site after an attack the web would be empty…

    I only have one simlpe applet on my site (speeking on gnome-related things) but i get realy much trafic every day from gf.o. gf.o is realy importend for gnome.

    Please reconsidre this step!

  2. If doesn´t show up again, I would be interested in creating an “replacement”.

    Maybe we could find ways to improve it in the progress.

  3. OSNews is up. It is prospering. Gnomefiles was in the decline, and with the latest hack, I think it was the final blow. Although a friend said that he might take a look at the code.

  4. i hope gnomefiles will be back – that was the first flash for project hamster, and i bet many other projects first started showing up in that site as well!

  5. No osnews is still up. Eugenia sent me mail that the osnews webmaster might take a look at the site next week so it might make a reappearance.


  6. Can’t say I ever knew anyone who used it anyway, I certainly never did myself. Perhaps its time had just come.

  7. “Sad. But is a much better site.”

    No it isn’t. You have to upload to it, and what you upload has to be packaged for particular distributions. That’s not “better”, that’s retarded.

  8. I can only disagree. I hate kde-look-alike website. I hate them!
    How can people like it?=p
    I hate gnome-look equally and thus gtk-apps.
    The top ratings seems to be totally bogus (once top, forever top, cant even have a correct by month/year top..)
    Navigation is diffuclt, design is crappy…

    gnomefiles was not perfect but much better. I could go there and actually find new stuff. kde-look-alike stuff = you never find anything new unless you track the new uploads tab hour-by-hour (no thx!)

    id like if they were all revamped into something more useable ^^

  9. whoever replaces please don’t let eugenia have anything to do with it

    she’ll just take it down so she can redirect all the traffic to her pseudo-techie gossip site

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