Voted… last week :-)

Thanks to Oregon’s vote by mail system.. I turned in my vote early.  This is an especially great election as this is the first time my wife will be able to vote in a presidential election.  We had a great time picking what we wanted to vote yes or no to in the various bills.  Oregon makes it so easy to do that.

I spent quite a bit of time canvassing for my president of choice.  I don’t  precisely do it to support my candidate, but like the candidates themselves I learn something about the people we share our country with.  I get to listen to their stories, their hardships, their lives.  It’s very inspiring especially when they open up and tell me why their voting.  I talked to someone recently, a grandmother who was working at a hospital across town and has to get up at 5am so she can make it on time.  She’s  about 72 years old and she tells me she’s doing it so that she can support her grandson in med school and that’s why she’s sending money but can’t volunteer.

It’s my first time getting involved in a campaign.  (I’m purposely not telling you who it is because it’ll detract from what I’m trying to say)  and it feels good to be involved and informed.  I’m proud to live here.  Oregonians rock.

It’s been raining continously for the past couple of days.  Today it was blue skies and sunshine.  It’s going to be a beautiful day.  Cheers.

4 thoughts on “Voted… last week :-)”

  1. Me too! I love being an Oregonian as well. I’m heading outside right now to enjoy the sunshine we have today. This is going to be increasingly rare as winter settles in!

  2. >Oregonians rock.

    No two ways about it, you voted Obama. That sentence totally gives it away, and I say that as a former Oregonian.

  3. You can vote by mail? How is this process? How can anyone be certain that it was really you that voted? I can’t believe this can be made secure, as voting should be.

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