GNOME Extensions BoF – 18:00 UTC July 26, 2020

We will be having a conversation around extensions and the future of how we will be handling them based on policy, community, and other important factors.

If you are an extensions writer, then I would urge you to join our BoF to help understand what we will be doing with extensions going forward and also provide feedback. We do not want to do this in a vacuum.

Looking forward to hearing from the community. Please understand some of things we will be talking about is:

* Centralilzing the location of extensions to the GNOME gitlab (not necessarily develop your extensions there, but if you want it on e.g.o then it will need to pass QA tests)

* Automatic QAing of extensions prior to release of gnome-shell.
* Policies
* Documentation
* Community building

See you there!

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