New servers

Small update regarding sysadmin things:

  • Two new machines have been added. This to replace the very old hardware which does not have a support contract anymore (button, menubar, window, container). Stephen Smoogen assisted in getting them racked up and networked
  • Our RHEL entitlements expired. Bastien Nocera assisted in extending them. We now also have a procedure to update them.
  • Our RHEL5 machines now run RHEL5.7. This was severely needed as the sssd version in 5.6 was really buggy.
  • Our mail and DNS server often locks up. Unsure of the cause, seems to happen after heavy spam connections (from loads of IP addresses). The machine is old, but problem does not seem hardware related. Hopefully fixed by RHEL5.7. That said, we’ll anyway to migrate all services on this machine (due to lack of support contract).
  • We still lack 3 RHEL entitlements (ETA: next week?). Need those before we can continue moving services off the obsolete hardware.

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