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Progress Report – Jan 10, 2011

I thought I’d give a quick progress report after taking a long three day weekend. While my break was nice, I came back to quite a few tickets and emails to take care of. I think I’ve managed to get ahead of everything again. We’ll see how long that holds up this week!

This morning was a lot of Bugzilla/RT queue management. Account creations, mailing list creation, migrating a project from Google Code to GNOME, etc. Nothing terribly exciting. I’ll also need to remember not to let the moderation queue go for that long again. Usually I attend to it once daily. After nearly four days it took quite some time to moderate everything in all the queues!

One nice thing that I did manage to finish today was the addition of more monitors in Nagios. We had to wait for a firewall exception at the Red Hat data center, but I’m now able to remotely monitor much, much more on a large number of servers. Today, for starters, I added a monitor for load averages. I was also able to fix the monitors for a few mysql server checks. I’ll continue to add more until I feel like all the critical bits are covered.

What else is on the list for this week?

  • Submit Sysadmin hackfest proposal to take place at Scale 9x in Feb.
  • document all allotted IPs and corresponding hostnames.
  • attend to nearly full filesystem on window
  • re-address building the RHEL 6 vm for the wiki migration

Let’s hope we can get all of this done this week. Fingers crossed.