London LinuxWorld 2005

Many thanks to everyone who helped out this year at the GNOME stand at LinuxWorld London. It was great to see so many new people getting involved in promoting and demonstrating GNOME.

It was also great to see some of the other guys involved with GNOME come and say hello.
The OpenedHand guys were there. Matthew Allum was showing me the new Nokia 770, which looks very smart, as well as some other devices running GTK+ and other GNOME software. Ross Burton (Sound Juicer, Devil’s Pie) and Jorn Baayen (Muine, Rhythm Box) and the whole OpenedHand crew were there.

Daniel Viellard kindly donated a stack of Fedora CDs to the stand, as did the Ubuntu gang (with Ubuntu CDs), and some Novell guys even found some NLD evaluation CDs.

As for the GNOME LiveCDs we had printed, they were all gone before the end of the first day! (Many thanks to OpenAdvantage for those, plus the extra demo PC).

Alan Cox also came over to say hello, although I was chatting to a someone about GNOME at the time. I heard Michael Meeks was also there on the first day although I didn’t see him around.

This was also the first outing of the new GNOME event box, which was very successful. And to let anyone know who was standing around at the end of the expo, trying to figure out how it should get back to Reading, it was two taxis, one train journey, some general lugging about, and a couple of pints later that it was safely back home! Tomorrow it’s off to France, so I ought to say au revoir et bon voyage.

We have some GNOME t-shirts left over from the expo (unfortunately they only arrived on the second day), so if anyone in the UK wants to buy one of the official GNOME t-shirts, drop me an e-mail. They’re £10 each and I have one small left, and several medium, large and X-Large.

Also, if anyone is interested in getting involved with GNOME events in the UK, take a look at the website where there is information about the mailing, wiki and IRC channel.

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