gtk-engines 2.7.1 [ unstable ]

gtk-engines 2.7.1 released last night – a true 11th hour effort by myself and Richard. This release includes several important fixes for Clearlooks for anyone using 2.7.0.

Tarballs in the usual place:

I am still looking for developers to adopt-an-engine. No cairo work has started on the following theme engines:

  • hc (high contrast)
  • Industrial
  • lighthouseblue
  • metal
  • smooth
  • thinice

This means these themes will have no cairo goodness for GNOME 2.14 unless someone else helps out – there just isn’t enough time for me to convert them all myself! If you’re a developer with an interest in themeing then please do contact me.

2 thoughts on “gtk-engines 2.7.1 [ unstable ]”

  1. I’d like to give some cairo love on lighthouseblue (I used it as my first gtk theme on GNOME 2.0, and I remember it with fondness before switching to clearlooks); looking (and poking) at the source, I see that most part of the patch would also mean some whitespace and code clean ups. If that’s okay, I’ll begin working on it ASAP.

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