new gtk-engines and gnome-backgrounds

gtk-engines 2.7.4

New gtk-engines released yesterday. I’ve worked on many new cairo improvements to Crux. Spot the difference between the pre-cairo and cairo-enabled versions below. (Hint: cairo version is on the left!)


b0f27c0f6d5f610ca445a3d82d5779da  gtk-engines-2.7.4.tar.bz2
7ced6d4e09a4dc546af2de1757093bea  gtk-engines-2.7.4.tar.gz

Overview of Changes in 2.7.4 (since 2.7.3)

  • Not compiling any animation code in clearlooks anymore
  • Crux updated with radio and check buttons drawn using cairo
  • Crux updated with progress bar bars drawn using cairo

gnome-backgrounds 2.13.90

New gnome-backgrounds released yesterday. The final set of new backgrounds is as below:


1cf95ffd6519acd758c836eeb3036198  gnome-backgrounds-2.13.90.tar.bz2
94cb5e76ad5cb0be40980f67957feb7d  gnome-backgrounds-2.13.90.tar.gz

Tarballs Due?

So maybe tarball due reminders arriving the day after the tarballs where due isn’t all that usefull?

Subject: TARBALLS DUE: GNOME 2.13.5 Development Release
Delivery-date: Tue, 17 Jan 2006 10:01:06 +0000

(They where due on the 16th)

For entirely seperate reasons however, the gtk-engines and gnome-backgrounds tarballs I had planned for 2.13.5 were not out in time. There weren’t too many fixes in gtk-engines so it doesn’t harm too much. I was going to update gnome-backgrounds with this selection of backgrounds:

Proposed new backgrounds

Comments welcome, but it seems it’s already getting late for 2.14 unless this goes in now. (And I assume this wouldn’t break the feature freeze…)

Uptime & Sounds

After 399 days and 11 hours of continuous service, a power cut finally took out my little server, orion. Orion hosts my web pages and e-mail, as well as several other people’s e-mail and web pages. It also functions as my development server for

Almost 400 days of uptime – I think that just goes to show how stable Linux is. I suppose I ought to finally get round to cleaning it down a bit!

On a slightly different note, for some unknown reason I’ve had sound events enabled in GNOME recently. Today I had to restart X on several occasions, and was subjected to the current GNOME login sound. Please, can anyone with some decent musical skills create a replacement? I don’t know the history of the current sound, but it sounds like something out of the 80s…

gtk-engines 2.7.2 [ unstable ]

New unstable release of gtk-engines last night. Lots of bug fixes to the clearlooks engine with this release, so please upgrade if you are using a previous development version.

Overview of Changes in 2.7.2 (since 2.7.1)

  • Numerous Clearlooks bug fixes (including #315562, #323218, #323218, #325168)
  • Patches and fixes for bug 321140 to hc, industrial, mist, redmond, smooth and thinice engines (cleanups for compiler warnings and removal of unneeded code)