new gtk-engines and gnome-backgrounds

gtk-engines 2.7.4

New gtk-engines released yesterday. I’ve worked on many new cairo improvements to Crux. Spot the difference between the pre-cairo and cairo-enabled versions below. (Hint: cairo version is on the left!)


b0f27c0f6d5f610ca445a3d82d5779da  gtk-engines-2.7.4.tar.bz2
7ced6d4e09a4dc546af2de1757093bea  gtk-engines-2.7.4.tar.gz

Overview of Changes in 2.7.4 (since 2.7.3)

  • Not compiling any animation code in clearlooks anymore
  • Crux updated with radio and check buttons drawn using cairo
  • Crux updated with progress bar bars drawn using cairo

gnome-backgrounds 2.13.90

New gnome-backgrounds released yesterday. The final set of new backgrounds is as below:


1cf95ffd6519acd758c836eeb3036198  gnome-backgrounds-2.13.90.tar.bz2
94cb5e76ad5cb0be40980f67957feb7d  gnome-backgrounds-2.13.90.tar.gz

9 thoughts on “new gtk-engines and gnome-backgrounds”

  1. Why are you not compiling the animation code by default anymore?
    I think off-by-default-settable-in-gtkrc was a great choice for those who wanted spiffy effects without sacrificing the usability on lower-end machines!

    In any case I feel after all the publicity about animation in cairo-clearlooks, you should explain your decisions on p.g.o. or similar, cause I’m sure people are curious!

  2. I agree with Sergej.

    If there’s no animation in Clearlooks, then the candy stripe on the progress bars should be removed as it looks silly without animation.

  3. Nice work on Gnome-backgrounds and gtk-engines.

    Keep in mind that Cairo slows things down a considerable amount of seconds per operation.

  4. “Keep in mind that Cairo slows things down a considerable amount of seconds per operation.”

    Then – why get’s Cairo adopted at the desktop-level. I could understand if cairo was used to render document, since then there is the benefit of the amount of rendering backends, but where is the benefit on desktop?

  5. The plan is to get Cairo up to the current canvas speed or prefererably, faster. It is still fairly early in development. Speed enhancments and optimization will be coming.

  6. Actually I don’t quite get all this buzz about Cairo “slowness” – for me, it just rocks. Cairo is not slow, it is slow (therefore, it is bug and should be threated like that) on certain scenarios. For example, on my workstation desktop rendering is much faster and high level themes like Clearlooks feels very “native”.

  7. At last new backgrounds ;)
    The transparent SVG backgrounds rocks IMHO, because leave free to choose the color ;)
    It should fine has many of these.

    PS: I hope to upgrade my guinea-pig machine to GNOME 2.13.90 soon!

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