A Bug A Day…

Last week I set myself a challange to resolve one GNOME (or Gnome) bug every day. I mostly concentrated on the theme manager, as Sebastien told me I could be maintainer (I think he was fed up of my persistant nagging of patch reviews!). This is how I did:

  • April 25th Tuesday: [Bug 138795] file dialog forgets last browsed to or installed from location
  • 26th Wednesday: [Bug 139692] Some characters cannot be given as the theme name
  • 26th Wednesday: [Bug 331836] Missing Escape -> Close binding (in Theme Preferences)
  • 27th Thursday: [Bug 317375] theme-manager (saving) sometimes needlessly asks whether to overwrite
  • 28th Friday: [Bug 339157] [Patch] Use po/LINGUAS – based on the new guidelines
  • 28th Friday: [Bug 330302] Saved themes should remember wallpaper
  • 29th Saturday: [Bug 324751] Firefox menu [Simple theme bug]

I also resolved bugs 104210,
81018 and
111356 on Sunday 30th.
So, all in all I managed 6 consecutive days of bug fixing. Not bad I thought. Just imagine if once a month everyone spent a week sorting out and fixing bugs…

For those interested, I’ve also recently fixed these bugs in the theme manager:

  • [Bug 170058] bzip2 location hardcoded
  • [Bug 99535] [ui-review] Theme manager UI issues
  • [Bug 314658] Theme chooser main window too wide for 800×600
    (Same as [Bug 331741]: If the text description for a theme is too long, it stretches out the window to an unusable point.)

Testing and feedback would be very much appreciated. I’d also like to have any suggestions on how to improve the theme manager UI, especially since I would like to implement support for GTK+ colour schemes that will be available once GTK+ 2.10 is out. At last we might have a theme manager that isn’t quite so stale and neglected.