GUADEC Questions and More

A lot of people have been asking questions about GUADEC recently, so hopefully I can answer them here.


If you need a visa to travel to the UK and need a letter of invitation from us, please use the invitation letter request form. This will ensure your request is tracked properly, and we can collect the required details. Please read the travel information page if you are unsure about whether you require a visa, or want to know what information we need to send out an invitation letter.

Sponsored Attendance

We are fortunate again this year to have funds to sponsor a limited number of people to attend GUADEC. If you think you will not be able to afford travel and accommodation expenses, but would be able to make a valuable contribution to GUADEC, please consider requesting sponsorship. See the sponsored attendance page for details.


Lots of people have been asking where to stay during GUADEC, and unfortunately we can’t offer the excellent level of service provided last year. However, we are contacting hotels and hostels around Birmingham to find you the best possible rates and discounts. When this information is available it will be published on the website.


We are expecting registration to open very shortly. The process will be similar to last year, and we will be asking for a contribution depending on your participating status. Discounts will be available for foundation members, but we would urge you to consider making a further donation to support GUADEC and the GNOME project if you feel able.


In other news, the schedule is now nearly complete, and available on-line. Many thanks to Ross and the papers committee for their hard work in sorting this out.

We’ve also got our line up of keynote speakers available on line. We are lucky again to have some very interesting people giving talks, including well known community members within both the GNOME and wider free software communities.


We also have had another three confirmed sponsors, but I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to announce them properly. They are HP, Sun and Novell. HP and Sun are both sponsoring at gold level, and Novell is sponsoring at silver level. More details on the sponsors pages.