GUADEC Registration Fees (and other things)

Information about the registration fees, as posted to the GUADEC mailing list, is available below and on the website.

We are also having a meeting on the 2nd of June at the venue to do various jobs as well as organising some of the more practical issues. If you would like to help out in a practical way during the conference (i.e. being a steward) then please see if you can make it to the Conservatoire in Birmingham (UK) for 1PM. We also need a volunteer (preferably with relevant experience) to help organise the video/audio side of things during the conference. Please let me know if you think you may be able to help.

Among the other things I did this weekend, I sorted out so that it should look much better in other browsers now (i.e. non Gecko based). There may be a few issues left, so please do bug me about them.

As people are probably aware, GUADEC is getting ever closer and we
haven’t yet announced registration. Rest assured, once we have resolved
the current problems, registration will open before the end of May and
will continue right up until the start of GUADEC itself.

Registration fees will be as follows1:

£10 – Student/Concession
£30 – Standard
£140 – Professional (i.e. being paid by an employer to attend)

A 50% discount applies to standard and professional (but not to
concessions) if you are a foundation member. A 50% discount also applies
if you are a organisation that is sponsoring and requires additional
attendee passes.

Many people may be wondering why there are no free registrations this
year, and this is simply because we will be investing a significant
amount of money per registration, and we simply cannot afford to have
people register, pay nothing and then not turn up. If look at prices to
other professional conferences, you will notice that the registration
fees are very cheap by comparison.

Another point of note is that there will not be any formal checks on
status. Instead we are relying on trust that people will pick the
appropriate registration level. We would like to encourage everyone to
consider donating whatever they feel able to afford, as all the money is
spent making GUADEC as fantastic as possible, and any remaining funds
will be transferred to the GNOME foundation to help make the GNOME
project succeed.

1: Approximate currency conversions as of 15 May 2007:
£10 = 14.63 € = 19.82 USD;
£30 = 43.91 € = 59.46 USD;
£140 = 204.90 € = 277.48 USD