GUADEC Outlook

With almost a week to go until GUADEC, you may be wondering what to pack. Unfortunately, the weather here in England has been unpredictable lately to say the least. The forecast for GUADEC looks like we will have both rain and sunshine, so it would be advisable to at least pack an umbrella!

Luckily, whatever happens, the most important thing at GUADEC is the people. We have nearly 400 people signed up to come along and with over 80 different talks and workshops through the week there should be something everyone will enjoy. Not to mention there is plenty of space for ad-hoc meetings and BOFs.

One thought on “GUADEC Outlook”

  1. I have since a couple of weeks a weather applet monitoring the weather in the UK and I’ve seen lots of rainings showers, so yeah i was wondering which clothe i”ll need to carry and i was thinking in ask this to the guadec-list but you won me posting it here :-), thanks a lot for the tips.

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