Six more GUADEC videos on-line

An early Christmas present; I’ve put six more GUADEC videos on-line:

[   ] Adam Jackson – GNOME-Xorg Integration.ogg
[   ] Antonio Albanes – Large scale gnome deployment at schools.ogg
[   ] Eduardo Lima – Porting GNOME applications to Maemo.ogg
[   ] Ian McKeller – Developing XUL Applications.ogg
[   ] Naba Kumar – Integrated communication framework for GNOME – elements of Telepathy.ogg

[   ] Trent Lloyd – Avahi.ogg

Still none of the main hall talks (including keynotes) are available yet because I haven’t been able to fix the audio streams. However, Deigo is helping me to work out if there is some gstreamer foo I can use to correct the problems.

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