Applying the GPL to Artwork

As contact, I often get questions about whether someone can use GNOME some icons in their project. Most of the time I have said please contact the author, but I would like to try and work out an agreed interpretation of the GPL for artwork.

I’ve started a thread on gnome-themes-list, and would be grateful if people (especially any lawyer types) could give any more insight.

New Wallpapers for GNOME 2.24

I was hoping to refresh the set of wallpapers in gnome-backgrounds for GNOME 2.24. Cimi thought this was such an excellent idea, he jumped the gun and set up a contest: I’m not such a big fan of contests, since the “issues” we had with the splash screen contests in the past. However, I think this time we may have hit on a good solution to the past issues.

I want to keep the quality and usability of gnome-backgrounds high, so please do read the style rules if you are thinking of submitting an entry. We’ve had some great submissions so far, but definitely could do with more options!

The runners up will take pride of place on the new art-hub, which will replace

OpenMoko FreeRunner LEDs, etc.

Before I took my FreeRunner prototype along to Ole’s OpenMoko talk in London yesterday, I hacked up a little demo application in python/pygtk to display various new features in the FreeRunner (Wifi, accellerometers, LEDs). If you where there yesterday, you probably saw this live in action:


On my previous post OpenMoko post, someone asked about the LEDs on the FreeRunner. Obviously, you can’t see any proof of the LEDs in screenshots, so I took some very quick photographs:


Blue LED

Orange LED

History Meme


$ history|awk '{a[$2]++ } END{for(i in a){print a[i] " " i}}'|sort -rn|head
91 cd
75 ls
49 svn
45 ssh
37 vim
37 make
13 ./test-notes
11 ./openmoko-messages
11 ./openmoko-dialer


$ history|awk '{a[$2]++ } END{for(i in a){print a[i] " " i}}'|sort -rn|head
91 vim
53 sh
52 svn
47 cd
40 ls
31 find
21 git
18 ssh
11 su
11 make

More Moko GTK+ Theme

Spurred on by the positive comments in my last little theme experiment for the OpenMoko, I have made a few adjustments based on some of the comments. It’s also now available in OpenMoko svn.

If you have a OpenMoko build set up, you can try it out. Firstly you need to build the package and then rebuild the package index:

bitbake moko-gtk-engine && bitbake package-index

You may have issues if you have built this before, because I did made some changes to the repository that svn can’t handle very cleanly, so if you have problems, wipe your svn checkout and start again.

Then you need to ssh into your neo and run the following commands:

  • opkg upgrade
  • opkg install moko-gtk-engine
  • dbus-launch gconftool-2 –t string -s /desktop/poky/interface/theme “Moko”
  • /etc/init.d/xserver-nodm restart

Here are some more screenshots of the theme running on the device. There are still some bugs with colours in a few places, so testing would be much appreciated.


I think the GPS icon is green because the GPS chip was on when I took the screenshots. I’ve been testing a couple of the peripherals on my GTA02 lately and I’m happy to report so far Wifi, GPS, accellerometers and the LEDs all seem to be working correctly. I got a fix from the GPS today which according to Google maps, was within 1 meter of my actual location.

Brand New Moko Theme (Idea)

Inspired by ScaredyCat’s discovery that the default GTK+ theme was much faster on the Neo1973 than the current pixbuf based theme (well, no real suprises there…), I set to work stealing his colour scheme and completely redesigning my Moko theme engine. This time totally optimised for speed and simplicity. It’s still a work in progress, but here are some screenshots to give a general idea:

dialer.png contacts.png

Lines and other visual distractions are kept to a complete minimum. Although it doesn’t look that great on a desktop display, when it is on a 2.8″ 285dpi touch screen, it feels a lot better.