More GUADEC 2007 Videos

Six more GUADEC videos online, including a video of the lightning talks session. Quite a few of these videos where from the Recital Hall, where the sound quality wasn’t great, but I hope some people find them useful.

[   ] Lightning Talks.ogg
[   ] Zaheer Abbas Merali - GStreamer - more than just playback.ogg 
[   ] William Jon McCann - Building a Modern Multi-User Desktop.ogg                         
[   ] Philip Van Hoof - An E-mail framework for mobile devices.ogg                          
[   ] Lennart Poettering - PulseAudio and GNOME, or: what's coming after EsounD?.ogg
[   ] Bastien Nocera - Bluetooth and GNOME.ogg                                           

[edit: fixed the links]

17 thoughts on “More GUADEC 2007 Videos”

  1. I can’t download Lennart’s talk (neither in Epiphany nor with wget).

    Thanks for putting the videos up. :)

  2. Ditto on above post:

    => `Lennart Poettering – PulseAudio and GNOME, or: what’s coming after EsounD?.ogg’
    Connecting to||:80… connected.
    HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 404 Not Found
    09:53:12 ERROR 404: Not Found.

  3. The PulseAudio talk doesn’t work because of the question mark in the file name – Apache’s interpreting it as the start of arguments to a server-side script.

  4. Same here, I think the question mark causes the problem:

    The requested URL /pub/GNOME/teams/guadec/2007/videos/Lennart Poettering – PulseAudio and GNOME, or: what’s coming after EsounD was not found on this server.

  5. The question mark in the filename gets intepreted by Apache as the indicator of a query string. I suspect the only way to fix the problem is renaming the file.

  6. wget “,%20or:%20what%27s%20coming%20after%20EsounD%3f.ogg”

    works :-)

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