Moblin Toolkit 0.2.0

Yesterday I announced a new development snapshot of the Moblin Toolkit, along with a preliminary schedule. I’m hoping to be API and ABI stable by February and have the first stable release at the beginning of March.

We’re working on the bugzilla component, but for the moment issues should be reported in the “nbtk” component of

Quite a few people asked before about language bindings. I don’t anticipate supporting a lot of language bindings, but I will be ensuring GObject introspection works well. I hope that will help people generate any bindings they wish to use and keep them up to date with relative ease. Personally, I have already been using Javascript (via Gjs) to test some aspects of the project.

The interesting features in this release are:

  • “long-press” signal added to MxButton (inspired by the “touch-and-hold” discussion in Gnome bugzilla)
  • Added an “always-on-top” base class, which helps in creating the always-on-top actors such as tooltips and menus.
  • Improved error reporting and various other bug fixes

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