My first (major) GTK+ patch

Matthias Clasen cleaned up and pushed my first major patch to GTK+ yesterday. It allows the underlines on menus and buttons to be hidden until the alt key is pressed, similar to behaviour seen on recent versions of Windows. It is configurable via GtkSettings and off by default.

I’d like to thank Matthias and Emmanuele Bassi for their help reviewing the patch and to Intel for allowing me to develop it at work (it was a requirement for Moblin from our illustrious interaction designer, Nick Richards).

The final menu behaviour is a little different from my original idea and I’ve attached a patch to the bug that implements my preferred behaviour. You can try out the new setting by grabbing GTK+ from git and adding gtk-auto-mnemonics=1 into your ~/.gtkrc-2.0 file.

8 thoughts on “My first (major) GTK+ patch”

  1. I like it. Thankyou and this Nick Richards character seems to be pretty decent. Can he do API or just graphics as GTK is in need of a remix!

  2. Does “off by default” mean that by default, the underlines are always shown? Why is it not the other way around?

  3. @Robin it’s a theme and platform specific setting, and each platform should opt-in since it’s a new configuration knob that affects the user interface of every application.

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