Google Summer Of Code

Following the success of my endeavours into writing a Clutter based screensaver, I’ve put up an idea for a Google Summer of Code project to write some new Screensavers for GNOME 3 using Clutter:

Benefits: Provide visually rich and interesting screensavers for GNOME using Clutter.
Requirements: Good knowledge of C. Comfortable using GObject and Clutter.
Notes: Currently there are only a few basic screensavers shipped with GNOME. Possible Clutter based screensaver ideas include:

  • Picture gallery with 3D and physics effects
  • Cover art gallery
  • Clock
  • Feeds from social network sites such as Twitter

Of course, any other ideas for screensavers are welcome from prospective students! More information about GNOME Google Summer of Code and how to apply is available here:

4 thoughts on “Google Summer Of Code”

  1. Well ideally screensaver should go away … it is just a waste of power.

    Why display anything when not present at the computer?

    Turning off the display is the only logical action here.

    1. @drago01 screensavers are mostly just for fun and prettiness. shall we get rid of the desktop wallpaper too? 🙂

      1. Nah, but you don’t need the diplay when you’re gone, whereas you like to have a nice background while working.

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