MeeGo Zones

One thing everyone might not have noticed in the new MeeGo 1.0 for netbooks is the nice new zones panel, which I had the pleasure of working on. One of the neat things is that you can drag and drop windows between zones, and there are some nice animations as this all happens. I wrote about how I implemented the animations back in December last year, although I couldn’t mention what it was for at the time!

Unfortunately I didn’t get time to do a video yet, but here’s a screenshot showing the drag and drop in motion:

One thought on “MeeGo Zones”

  1. I wanted to test meego 1.0 on my eeepc 1008HA netbook. Looks great, works fast. But, there’s still no support for 3G USB modems. M Huawei E220 didn’t want to work. And, there’s no telnet command, and there’s no package installing telnet command. Maybe I’ll try some future release though..

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