Leaving Nokia

I’m leaving Nokia, it’s time for me to move on. Next week will be my last week as Nokia employee.

This marks an end of era for me for I’ve been working for Nokia almost a decade (had my interview in Nokia House May ’98 — Hi Patrik!) latter half of which I spent in a great team, excited to be able to help Nokia evolve into something new and wonderful. Unfortunately lately I’ve lost the excitement and work has become too much of an energy drain for me. The energy I feel like I’ve been putting in isn’t paying off and I’m unable to sustain it any longer. To some extent I had already given up which I find an alarming sign.

I’m fully confident Quim and Ari will carry on making maemo an exciting platform to work with. It’s just time for us to part ways.

I’m going to miss some people I’ve grown to know, others not so much, and some I’ll be seeing again soon enough. There’s an exciting opportunity I’m following. More on that later.


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