Joining LiTL

So, I’ll be joining LiTL together with some familiar faces and jobi. Can’t go much into detail what we’ll be doing, see the jobs page for info, but it’s going to be cool. I’m litl excited.

Since leaving Nokia I’ve had the pleasure of meeting the team and hunting an apartment in London (still can’t quite believe the prices!) Found myself a nice-ish place in Fulham where I’ll be moving this week. My mobile number will cease to function, send me a note if you want my new number.

The bureaucracy involved with moving to a different country is interesting. Fortunately as EU citizen I don’t need a visa, or basically any permit or notification to move to another country in EU, but the dead tree mess is still annoying. Basically in order to get a bank account you need a UK address, in order to get an address you need a UK bank account. Fortunately relocation agency was able to help there somewhat, though not with the 18 page lease I had to print and scan.

But still, I couldn’t get phone line activated as BT can only handle local VISA… weird, need to get some local to pay initial deposit. And you can’t even order any reasonably priced Internet connection without a phone line. I’m already feeling disabled for the lack of Internet.

Anyway, this is going to be an exciting year.

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#1 Benjamin Kohler on 04.16.08 at 10:34 am

Welcome to London. Was last year in the exactly same position. It takes some time to ramp up all the stuff which you need to become a human here in UK.
A quick fix to get some Internet Connection is to use a three mobile (pay as you go) and buy the internet add on (5 £ a month). It’s works fine with the Nokia Tablets. The speed is not great, but better than nothing and their usage policy is “Fair Use”. What exactly this means I have no idea (it says 1 GB and they will kick you out if you are over, but hey it’s pay as you go 🙂 ).

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