maemo5 on n8x0? yes, no, maybe

Will maemo5 run on n8x0? Based on what I’ve read from blog posts from OSiM and Maemo Summit there’s no straight answer from Nokia so far. We’ve learned that the interface for Fremantle will be Clutter based though.

Now, Clutter needs OpenGL (ES). Hardware support on n8x0 has some issues and software rendering leaves something to be desired. So will maemo5 run on current hardware? I don’t know, but I see few options:

  • yes – Fremantle comes with GLES driver for n8x0, everything is peachy.
  • yes-ish – Clutter is optional on n8x0 like Compiz in Ubuntu. That wouldn’t be exactly “Clutter based” though.
  • yes-as-in-no – Clutter with software rendering. Right…
  • no – simple as that. Get a new n9xx or whatever it’s called when it’s out.
  • Kanada – nevermind
  • maybe – well, we’ll just have to wait and see.

So when Fremantle is out as seamless software upgrade for your n8x0, then you know. Otherwise it’s a definitive “maybe” until Nokia figures out how to break the news.