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Sharon came over and made us lasagne as a belated birthday tea for me.

I have done a good amount of hacking; it was fun and got stuff done. Yay.

Later, we went to the park and walked by the river, and Riordon and I discussed high-voltage electricity transmission.

Metacity’s translation into Welsh has not been touched in almost two years. It is a shame. If one of you Welsh speakers who reads this would like to give it a shot (there are about 500 phrases, mostly short, about 80% of them already filled in, and most of them guessed by the computer from the others and you only have to make minor adjustments), I will show you how to do so and you will have your name all over the credits. If not, I am happy to try to do the work myself, but I would like it if someone would check my work since I’m hardly confident in my own fluency.

Oh, and I learned how to say “fish and chips” in Welsh. It’s “sgod a sglod”. Makes sense.

I think this does not sound like a very exciting entry. Sorry :(

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