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alex-weej: I would like metacity and libwnck to share the window menu code. If Compiz is doing it already, hurrah. If you know more, more hurrah.

bkor: I am quite willing to release 2.21.21, but I don’t know what you want in it. There is no 2.21 branch because there are never branches named after odd-numbered versions. I am quite happy to make special branch, though, but from where? And what should go in after the branch? Or do you just want a copy of current trunk, or of the 2.23 branchpoint, with the numbers changed? And if so, why?

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  1. : We needed a 2.22 release candidate for last Monday (version number 2.21.whatever.. normally .92 although Metacity is different) and still do for g-c-c (according to thos). I assume it is needed for Don’t you release from gnome-2-22 branch?

    What should go in gnome-2-22: Stuff that doesn’t break any freeze (+no experimental stuff). See e.g. Usually on the stable branch (gnome-2-22) you only do bugfixes (e.g. crashers), while keeping in mind not to break feature/string/UI/etc freeze.

  2. probably we want the final release candidate for 2.22.0 and what 2.21.13 has been the predecessor of.
    i don’t care about 2.23, the gnome 2.23.1 release is in six weeks.

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