Calculus is fun! Let’s go shopping!

For those of you who don’t read, here’s a new Metacity post: should double-clicking the menu button close the window?

Rio’s teacher claimed, when she spelt a word with a “zed”, that “zed” wasn’t “proper English” (though it wasn’t unreasonable to ask her to use the same terminology as the other kids) and when Rio apologised but said she’d been brought up speaking British English, her teacher told her she wasn’t British.  She was a bit upset about that, so we went over.  Her teacher said that she’d never noticed that I was British, and that she loved my accent and that I look like Paul McCartney.  I wonder whether she thinks all British people look like Paul McCartney.

I went to the bank.  They claimed that SWIFT is only a European thing and that they had no SWIFT number.  This is obviously untrue, since I’d sent money from England to that very branch myself.  I think I may find another bank.

Rio says there should be a Barbie doll which says “Calculus is fun!  Let’s go shopping!”

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4 thoughts on “Calculus is fun! Let’s go shopping!”

  1. I do find myself double clicking the icon to close windows often although should have stopped long ago.
    Must say: that teacher does nothing for the stereotype UK people have of Americans or the state of the education system over there (although ours is not great either).

  2. I think the technical term for a swift code is a BIC. Maybe they were confused – but you’d think if they know what a BIC is they’d know what the swift network is. I believe US banks don’t support the newer IBAN system which is used in Europe and everywhere.

    You can search for itself here:

    Dunno about a new bank, but how about a new school and teacher for your kid. She sounds dumb and ignorant – before you know it your kid’ll be believing the world was created in 7 days and that gun ownership is a good thing.

  3. Sorry
    (1) You can search for IT YOURSELF HERE (2nd para)
    (2) Obviously I meant YOUR KID’S TEACHER sounded dumb and ignorant, but obviously I have some learnin’ to do meself (writin’ clear prose ‘n all) before I start casting stones.

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